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July Is Extreme Heat Safety month

With July arriving, it usually marks hot temperatures and not a lot of breeze. This can lead to issues with heat exhaustion, heat stroke, and other heat illnesses.  The Illinois Emergency Management Agency is sharing tips to beat the heat.  They have marked July as Extreme Heat Safety month.  IEMA Deputy Director Scott Swinford says the most important tip for staying cool is drinking water. 



High temps often paired with significant humidity can lead to issues. Swinford says you have to be aware of people and animals in your vehicle. 



Other things you should do is take plenty of breaks in the shade if you are working outside, avoid overexertion, wear light-colored, loose-fitting clothing, use sunscreen, keep curtains and shades closed at home, take cool showers or baths, avoid using the oven, and visit a cooling center, store, or mall if you don’t have air conditioning.  Make sure you are also checking on family members, especially senior citizens and neighbors.  


Find out more by visiting www.Ready.Illinois.gov or checking out IEMA’s Facebook and Twitter page. 

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