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Taylorville City Council Meets For July Meeting

The Taylorville City Council met on Tuesday evening, due to the 4th of July holiday, at 7 PM at the Municipal Building in Taylorville. Taylorville Mayor Bruce Barry led the Aldermen and those in attendance with a special prayer for the victims of the Highland Park shooting.  Alderman Steve Dorchinecz was absent and Alderman Jim Olive was present via Zoom. 


The board discussed a resolution to levy an additional tax of .02% for the library purchase of buildings and construction.  Aldermen Kathy Driskell and Chris Skultetty voted no. The motion passed 5-2. The board also discussed City Hall Alley Improvements but a question came up over where the funds would come out. Alderman Larry Budd was told by Alderman Jeremy Wilson that they would be coming out of the BDD fund.  That motion also passed 5-2. 


A motion to approve the Class O Liquor/Gaming License for TC Barber Shop/TC Gaming located at 1010 West Spresser was tabled. Alderman Doug Brown made a comment that he felt Taylorville was reaching its limit on gaming establishments. 



The motion was tabled to the July 18th meeting for a closer look at some ordinances so the board could make a better decision. A discussion was held over the Cheney and Bidwell project. It was a topic of debate over where money should come from whether it should come from the Wards or the BDD money for these projects.  Alderman Megan Bryant did not want to use Ward 5 money for the project.



The motion was put forward to bid out the projects and it passed unanimously. Mayor Bruce Barry gave his comments, especially thanking everyone for their help with the 4th of July festivities. 



Mayor Barry also wanted to remind residents that they would need help taking the flags down Thursday at 4:30.  Under committee reports, the board authorized purchasing a camera for security and to place a stop sign at the Southwest and Northwest Corners of 1100 N 1500 East Road. 


The next city council meeting is set for July 18th. 

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