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Be Careful With Binge Drinking This Weekend

Alcohol will be a part of the long Independence Day weekend. 


Of course, the usual reminders apply. Make sure to have a sober driver, know your limits, and mix water in between your beers. 


An American Journal of Preventive Medicine study links binge drinking to problems like alcohol addiction, emotional symptoms, and not getting along with friends, family, and coworkers. 


Internal medicine physician at OSF Healthcare Dr. Andrew Zasada says internal issues with excessive alcohol use can be devastating.

Dr. Zasada has this advice for Independence Day partakers – take it slow.

From a long-term perspective, a patient’s primary care provider can link them with resources to curb drinking.

Dr. Zasada says that the sooner you kick the excessive drinking habit the better. 

If you do quit drinking, you may look a lot better. 

To learn more, contact your primary care provider. 

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