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Representative Bourne In Christian County To Vote In Primary

Republican candidate for Lieutenant Governor, current State Representative Avery Bourne, was in Christian County on Tuesday to vote in the Illinois primary. Representative Bourne says early voting is important because the primary date has changed. 



Representative Bourne says she is very excited for the primary coming up on Tuesday. She has been reaching out to voters and says Republican events have been booming. 



She says that despite what happens at the primary, Republicans have to come together to beat the Democrats.



Representative Bourne says to make sure to look at the bottom of the ads to see who’s pushing what agenda to the public.



The primary is on Tuesday, June 28th. 


Representative Bourne and her husband Aaron DeGroot meet with the media after voting in Christian County.

Representative Bourne peeks her head over the voting booth in the Christian County Courthouse.

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