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Navigator Addressing Concerns About Heartland Greenway

Last week, Navigator signed a letter of intent with South-Dakota based sustainable bio-products industry leader POET.


Heartland Greenway project representative Jim Prescott says this is a huge deal for the project and Christian County. 

Some in Christian County are worried about the aquifer. Prescott says that it shouldn’t be a worry, because there are already thousands of non-water wells working around and through the aquifer. 

Navigator and Heartland Greenway are aware of campaigns and signs against the project in the name of protecting the aquifer. Prescott says those who are worried about the aquifer should take solace knowing that this project will go through strict regulation from the EPA.

Prescott wants everyone to know what an aquifer actually is. He says, this will help people understand Heartland Greenway better. 

Learn more at heartlandgreenway.com. Prescott appeared as a guest on the WTIM Morning Show.

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