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Heartland Greenway Signs Letter Of Intent To Work With POET

Navigator has signed a letter of intent to provide carbon capture for a company called POET, a leading producer of biofuel and sustainable bioproducts. POET will use Navigator’s Heartland Greenway System which will provide for facilities in Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota. POET uses nearly 5 million metric tons of biogenic CO2 annually and there are 18 bioprocessing facilities that will benefit from this deal. Jim Prescott, with Heartland Greenway, says this will have a big impact on Christian County and shows that this project should be moving forward.



Both parties will rely on each other for support and it is set to provide help to farmers with being able to move their crops easier. 



More than 30 industrial processors across the agriculture and food production value chains will benefit from POET on the platform and it will be able to mobilize efforts to deliver up to 15 million tons of CCUS services to multiple storage sites.  Find out more by visiting www.heartlandgreenway.com. 

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