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Ameren Helping The Environment Through Pollinators

With the building of infrastructure, the thought of what goes on in the environment becomes an ever-changing topic that needs to be addressed. Migration routes for birds, nesting areas for animals, and protected grasslands, trees, and plant life need to be considered when building. Jen Porcelli is a career environmental scientist for Ameren and is helping with the Avian Protection Program, a program that helps Monarch Butterflies and honeybees, two vital lifeforms that provide resources. 


Porcelli says the Avian Protection Program is helping by planting flowers that Monarchs and honeybees rely on.



The pollinator program has been around for 5-6 years.  Ameren continues to partner with agencies to make this process easier.



Porcelli says there are many benefits to introducing these pollinators.



All in all, it helps Ameren to provide better services for their customers and helps keep wildlife safe. 



Find out more about pollinators, by visiting https://www.ameren.com/company/environment-and-sustainability/biodiversity. 

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