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Matt Hausman Running For Congress In IL District 13

Meet Matt Hausman – he’s a Republican running for U.S. Congress in the newly drawn 13th district. 

After receiving a non-profit management certificate, he took a trip to Columbia to help at the local YMCA. For four years he facilitated programs, then decided it was time to come home to Central Illinois. He now works and manages on his family farm in Pesodum, and he manages a non-profit called, “Feeding Our Kids.”

Hausman wants to clarify that he is not running against current Congressman Rodney Davis, because Representative Davis is running in the 15th district and not the 13th that he currently represents. 

Hausman says that he wants to operate like Rep. Davis does if he is elected. 

Hausman talks a lot about the American Dream. His idea of that is for everyone to chase their own image of the American Dream without restriction. 

Learn more at hausmanforcongress.com. Hausman appeared as a guest on the WTIM Morning Show.

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