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Shelby County Man Sentenced For Pedestrian Fatality

A man was sentenced to 364 days in Shelby County Jail for the offense of speeding in excess of 35 miles per hour. Briar W. True was sentenced to the maximum following a June 16 bench trial in which True was found guilty of the offense.  The charge resulted from a fatal crash that occured on June 4th, 2020 on Route 16.  The incident occured in SHelbyville near the US Army Corps Visitors Center.  Pedestrian 84 year old Sidney Manning was struck by True as Manning walked across Route 16 shortly before 5 AM.  


The ISP investigated the crash and with no eyewitnesses to the crash, the ISP worked with the Shelbyville Police and Shelby County Sheriff's Department to help with crash reconstruction.  At the trial, Brian Scott and Steve Coady testified as expert witnesses, and they estimated that True's vehicle was traveling between 82-98 mph at the time of the impact. The posted speed limit was 45 mph. 


True had an extensive prior criminal history including possession of meth, DUI, reckless driving, criminal damage to property, possession of drug paraphernalia, 4 ordinance violations, and eleven traffic violations.  Judge Martin Siemer presided over the hearing and cited the fact that the defendant's conduct caused harm to another as the overriding factor which warranted a maximum sentence.  True was remanded to the Shelby County Jail following the sentencing hearing.