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Consolidated To Offer Fiber Internet

Consolidated Communications is offering a new gigabit broadband service. Residents in Charleston, Mattoon, Shelbyville, Litchfield, and Taylorville residents will have access to more user-centric internet.  Residents can sign up now to be first on the list for Fidium.  Fidium Fiber Internet will reach 20,000 homes with no contracts, data caps, or bundles. 


More than 8,700 homes will be operational next month, with 12,000 homes expected to have access by the end of the year.  Only 21.4% of all Illinois residents have access to fiber optic internet.  Tom White, Chief Technology Officer for Consolidated Communications says that Fidium is the future of Consolidated consumer fiber internet service and they’re proud to now offer it at a competitive price point to customers in Illinois.  The reimagined customer experience includes more choice, control, and personalization and ultra-fast fiber internet speeds that customers need. 


For the plans, Fidium Fiber internet offers affordable pricing at $70 a month that includes equipment and installation, a whole-home mesh WiFi experience, the Attune WiFi app, easy hassle free installation, a customer portal, real time, proactive network monitoring to solve issues remotely, and premium technical support.


In addition to bringing Fidium to customers across eight states, Consolidated will build more than 400,000 fiber connections to homes and businesses. To learn more and to pre-order service, visit fidiumfiber.com/expansion. You can also follow Fidium on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. 

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