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Memorial Health: Parents Can Ease Teen Prom Stress

Prom is one of the greatest nights of a teenager’s life. 


The lead-up to which can also be one of the most stressful times of their life. 


Memorial Health says that today’s high school students experience higher levels of stress and anxiety related to the big dance than their parents experienced. 


The reasons vary, but range from over the top “promposals,” financial stress, and peer pressure. 


Memorial says the prom tradition is becoming expensive. On average, the prom dress alone costs over $250. Throw in the limousine and expensive dinner and that’s a big prom bill. 


Licensed clinical social worker and director of behavioral therapy services with Memorial Behavioral Health Amber Olson says parents can reduce teen stress when they talk to their teen to set expectations, set a reasonable budget and to talk about peer pressure. 


Olson also suggests you should be aware of your teen trying crash diets or extreme workouts to lose weight or bulk up for prom. She says short-term gains can lay the groundwork for long-term unhealthy eating habits and poor body image. 


Olson says the most important thing you can do is reassure your teen and validate their feelings. You should also help your teen prepare with a fully charged cellphone, emergency cash and the assurance you are available for a judgment-free ride home if they find themselves in an unsafe situation. 


Learn more at memorial.health. 

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