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Mental Health And College

Scientists and doctors are learning more and more about mental health and the effects that it has on youth, especially those in college settings where the pressure is high to do well, and the stress of failure is always sitting in the back of ones mind. COVID-19 has also played havoc on the wellness of students who have felt the need to address long lasting effects of trauma, isolation, loss, and of course stress. 


Cree Medley, a double major graduate from the University of Illinois Chicago knew first hand about the struggles of dealing with mental health and going to school. 


A bill that is being pushed through would help schools address mental health issues.  HB5424/SB4055 would appropriate $19 million in 2023 to fully fund mental health in campus.  The Mental Health Early Action on Campus Act became law in 2019 and required all public two-and four-year college and universities across the state to increase mental health supports but did not guarantee any funding.  This bill would help fund it. Medley says this is extremely important because college students are often left out when it comes to these kinds of bills.



Medley says to reach out to your legislators. 



Medley says if you’re in school, take care of yourself. 



SB4055 is still in committee as of this writing. 

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