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Taylorville City Council Meets Monday Evening

The Taylorville City Council met on Monday evening to discuss business, review ordinance, and go over reports. The board recognized the 7th and 8th grade Volleyball teams and their recent success. After approval of minutes, the board reviewed and approved an ordinance for the special events permit for Red Bland Little League Parade on April 23rd.


The board also announced that a public hearing will take place on May 16th before the City Council meeting on the special use permit for cannabis dispensing organization. The board also approved “A Cut Above Lawn Care” for mowing for 2022 and 2023 for $11,790.  The board also approved the Deputy Treasurer Office Space 5-3. 


The board heard from City Attorney Rocci Romano on the latest concerning the Jamal Shehadah lawsuits against the city. 



Mayor Bruce Barry gave his mayoral update and raved about how much Taylorville is doing this summer.



The Spring Clean-Up Day was approved for April 23rd from 7-3 PM. All bids were accepted for the street and sewer committee. The next board meeting is set for April 18th.

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