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Greater Taylorville Chamber Chillifest Committee Meets, Discusses Plans for October Event

The Greater Taylorville Chamber of Commerce Chillifest Committee held their second meeting of 2022 on Monday night in the Chamber office, making plans for this year’s edition of the event taking place on the Taylorville square October First and 2nd.


This year’s event will tentatively feature 2 days of International Chilli Society judging, with first place winners both days going to the World Championships.  


Event co-chair Mark Wolfe told Regional Radio News after Monday night's meeting that committee members may have multiple conversations going at the same time, but it's all about making the event the best they can for 2022.



The Chamber’s famous Chillifest chilli will again be sold, this year both served by the bowl as well as in drive-thru service, which has been a hit the last 2 years.



It's the third year for Mark and April Wolfe to co-chair the Chillifest committee, after being entertainment chairs for the event several years before that, and leading the Kincaid Labor Day Picnic for many years before that. 


Crowd favorites like the many pageants, Kidzone, and arts and crafts, will be back again this year, as well as entertainment on both the south main stage and the north stage.


The popular bags tournament is also tentatively set to come back for the 2022 Greater Taylorville Chamber of Commerce Chillifest.


Vendor forms and other information can be obtained on the event’s web site, chillifest.info, that’s chillifest with 2-L’s, or by calling the Greater Taylorville Chamber office at 824-4919.

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