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Representative Bourne Cosponsors Bill For Gasoline Cost Relief

Gasoline prices continue to rise, and Legislators are taking notice of it.  State Representative Avery Bourne says that she has cosponsored legislation to help provide relief for families who have been hit by the recent rise in prices. Representative Bourne says that runaway inflation and the high price of oil is driving gas prices to levels not seen in years.  Illinois has a sales tax on gas so as gas prices increase, the price per gallon goes even higher.  


Since the state currently collects sales tax on gasoline as a percentage instead of at a flat tax rate, it’s actually driving the prices even higher.  A new bill, HB5723 would prevent the growth and put a cap on the sales tax. 


HB 5723 will target the sales tax in the state’s General Revenue Fund and not the State’s Road Fund. Funds for the road projects will be protected by this approach and the sales tax capped will not have a negative effect on expected state revenues for the year. 


Representative Bourne says that this legislation is a commonsense approach to help families weather this rapid inflation and the General Assembly needs to take action now. She says,  “Families cannot afford to wait.”

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