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Comptroller Trying To Track State Refunds Easier

A new system is being put in place to help Illinoisans track their state tax refund.  Illinois Comptroller Susana Mendoza says that it is called “Find My Refund” and says that it’s a handy online tool for taxpayers.  Users will provide their social security number, name, and whether they want to receive alerts.



The final update will let people know their payment is on the way.



Sign up for “Find My Refund” alerts online at  www.Illinoiscomptroller.gov. Mendoza is also pushing for ending penalties for late state payments.  The prompt payment act was set to serve as a detterent for state officials to let bills rack up, by applying interest penalties of 1% per month.  Mendoza says it just doesn’t work.



Mendoza also wants to do away with a program that will let private investors purchase debt owed to vendors and collect the interest.



According to Comptroller Mendoza, the taxpayer was facing the burden of paying on these programs but the state is in much better shape now than what it was previously.

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