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This Week Marks Grain Bin Safety Week

The Illinois Department of Agriculture, along with the Office of the Illinois State Fire Marshal is encouraging Illinois farmers to take time this week to recognize Grain Bin Safety Week.  Farmers should review safety practices while working in and around grain bins. 


A 2020 study by the University of Purdue on US Agricultural Confined Space-Related Injuries and Fatalities reported 35-grain entrapment cases.  This is an 8% decline from 2019 when 38 were recorded. The total number of fatal and non-fatal entrapments is the second-highest in the past six years.  Illinois responded to a nation-leading 12 rescue incidents at Illinois grain bins/elevators in 2020. 


IL Dept. of Agriculture Bureau Chief of Warehouses Joe Small says it can come down to complacency and safety. 



The University of Illinois Extension suggests whenever possible, don’t enter a grain bin. But if you must Small says to try to keep grain in good quality. 



Other tips that you should use include wearing a harness attached to a properly secured rope, stay near the outer wall of the bin and keep walking if the grain should start to flow.  Get to the bin ladder or safety rope as quickly as possible.  Have another person or two outside the bin who can help if you become stuck.  Wear an appropriate dust filter or filter respirator due to fine grain or dust. Shut off power to augers and fans, lock out any unloading equipment. Do not allow children to play in the bin. Install ladders inside grain bins for an emergency exit.  


For more information visit www.gfai.org, www.grainsafety.org, or the U of I Extension website. 

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