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Illinois Offering New Ways To Help Pick Colleges

Picking a college can be difficult, and the State of Illinois wants to help. The Illinois Bord of Higher Education (IBHE), the Illinois Community College Board (ICCB), and the Illinois Student Assistance Commision (ISAC) will be launching a new tool to help students select the right college to attend. The Illinois Postsecondary Profiles Project or IPP will utilize comprehensive data directly from higher education state agencies, and 160 public and private universities and community colleges throughout Illinois.


The app is completely customaizable and focuses on three key profiles: Institutional Profiles, Occupational Profiles, and Equity Profiles.  Institutional Profiles let you discover the basics of what types of schools are out there, how much they cost, and what credentials they offer. Occupational Profiles let you see what majors are available, key employment data, programs of study, and pathways for careers. Equity Profiles lets you see the kinds of people enrolled and completing credentials at schools, colleges, and universities including age, race, ethnicity, and gender. 


This program was developed by Northern Illinois University and is a free resource available for anyone who wants to use it. For more information visit https://illinoispostsecondaryprofiles.com or visit https://you.tube/gAKGlqawzNc. 

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