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Taylorville School District: Slow Down, Leave Early, When Picking Up Kids From School

Taylorville School District administrators reminding parents of student drop off and pickup procedures for the junior high. 


In a Facebook post, the district reminds parents of these rules: First, slow down. They say if you are in a rush, that you should find an alternate route as this is a major safety issue, especially if you choose to use Esther to access Pawnee Street. 


The district also reminds parents to be extra cautious around buses. There has been an influx of drivers whipping U-turns in front of buses and cutting them off. This increases the likelihood of accidents. 


They say if you need to turn around that you should utilze a driveway or take a side street to get yourself back on track. 


Finally, the district wraps up its statement by asking drivers to be patient, leave early and to make better choices behind the wheel – especially in a school zone where children are present. 

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