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Golden Apple Program Concerned Over Teacher Shortage

The Illinois Association of Regional Superintendents issued a stark warning in a new Illinois Educator Shortage Report. The report shows that Illinois is facing a teacher shortage crisis with 88% of school districts responding to the survey reporting they have a teacher shortage crisis. The teacher shortage has gotten worse.  In October of 2020, this survey showed 77% saying they had a teacher shortage.


Golden Apple, a program that helps people get into teaching is working diligently towards fixing that problem.  Kesa Thurman-Stovall, Chief Program Officer of Golden Apple, says that there are two programs that can help resolve the crisis the Scholars Program and the Accelerators Program.



While the Scholars program has been going for a while, the new Accelerators program has been quite successful as well.



There is still time to get your applications in for the Accelerators and Scholars program.



Stovall says both programs are setting up Illinois for better success in the future when it comes to longevity in the classroom and addressing the teacher shortage. 



President of Golden Apple, Alan Mather says: “Today’s report reflects what we hear from teachers and administrators every day in schools and districts of need – there is a critical and worsening teacher shortage in Illinois, and our students are paying the price. That’s why Golden Apple is working to expand our Scholars and Accelerators programs that are training and placing highly effective teachers in classrooms across our state. Nothing is more important than our children’s futures, and we need stakeholders at all levels to recognize the crisis we face and work together to find solutions.”


Find out more on Golden Apple by visiting goldenapple.org. 

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