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New Quarantine Rules For Taylorville School District

Isolation and quarantine rules have been updated for Taylorville School District students and staff members sick with COVID-19. Students and staff who have gotten sick with COVID-19 or considered close contact have been reduced to five days for their isolation and quarantine. Superintendent, Dr. Chris Dougherty made the announcement on Friday after the CDC updated its guidance for P-12 schools on January 6th. The announcement doesn’t change the state of Illinois’ mask requirement for anyone inside school buildings. That is still in effect.


If a student or staff member tested positive Monday, January 3rd, or Tuesday, January 4th they are allowed to return to school today. Wednesday, January 5th, they are allowed to return Tuesday, January 11th; Thursday, January 6th students are allowed to return Wednesday, January 12th, and Friday, January 7th, Students are allowed to return Thursday, January 13th. 


To return a person must be fever-free for 24 hours and symptoms improved.  For quarantine, a person must stay home for at least 5 days after exposure to someone diagnosed with COVID-19. This is due to the fact that a person may not show symptoms, but can still spread the virus. Quarantine is different from isolation.  Isolation is used by someone who has symptoms of COVID-19, or tests positive for the virus.  Isolation helps prevent transmission of the virus by separating people infected with the virus from those who are not infected. 


Schools must continue to ensure that students and staff wear a well-fitted mask around others for 5 additional days after release from isolation, avoid being around students or staff who are immuno-compromised or at high risk for severe disease. If masks need to be removed, ensure 6 feet of social distancing until 10 days after symptom onset or positive test.


The biggest thing is if exposed, to stay home and away from others for at least 5 days after your last contact with someone who has COVID-19. The date of your exposure is considered Day-0. Wear a well-fitting mask around others. If you test positive, isolate for at least 5 days from the date of your positive test (if you don’t have symptoms). If you then develop COVID-19 symptoms, then isolate for 5 days from when your symptoms begin. If fever or your other symptoms have not improved after 5 days of isolation, you should wait to end your isolation until you are fever-free for 24 hours without the use of fever-reducing medication. Contact your healthcare provider for more information. 


For more information on the new guidance, contact the Taylorville School District at 824-5157.  You can also visit www.tcusd3.org for the latest guidance on COVID-19 and all updates. 

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