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Republicans Frustrated Over New Judicial Maps Passed Wednesday Evening

State Republicans are fuming after yet another bill was passed in the middle of the night on Wednesday. State Representative Avery Bourne spoke out about what she calls a terrible habit forming by the Democrats who have a super majority.  The latest bill to get pushed through was a zoom committee hearing that saw no witnesses testify and was a complete redraw on judicial subcircuit maps. 


House Republicans voted no on the measure. Representative Bourne says it is a kick in the face to transparency and good government when it’s passed in the dead of night.



State Senator Chapin Rose also spoke out saying that this is politicizing the judiciary branch. “The courts are meant to be independent of politics, I will not destroy that cherished constitutional precept by joining the Democrats in their court-packing scheme which, make no mistake, is specifically designed to politicize the courts.”


Democrats say that the idea has been on the table since the census and that Republicans had time to review the redrawing of the judicial subcircuits. You can view all of HB 3138 by clicking here

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