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Covid Hitting Central Illinois Hard

With over 245 new cases of COVID-19 reported and over 1,000 negative tests in Christian County on Monday, the Health Department announced that they are currently out of tests and will notify the public when they have tests available again. Currently there are 751 isolated positive cases and 43 are currently in the hospital. Currently the IDPH is reporting that Christian County is currently sitting at 8.4% positivity rate. There have been 33,857 total COVID-19 vaccines given out in the county. 


The latest numbers from Montgomery County are 70 new cases as of December 28th with ten pending.


Shelby County is reporting 66 active cases as of December 29th with 97 new cases. 

The IDPH is asking all Illinoisans to mask up, get vaccinated, and do your part to end this pandemic.  

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