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Minimum Wage Increasing In Illinois

Minimum Wage in Illinois is going up again. On Saturday, the new wage went up to $12 an hour. The Illinois Department of Labor is asking minimum wage workers to keep an eye on their pay stubs to make sure they are being paid the new rate. In 2019, Governor JB Pritzker signed legislation in 2019 to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2025.  So far there have been three raises to the minimum wage increase 


Before the recent legislation signed by Governor Pritzker, the last time ILlinois raised it’s minum wage was more than a decade ago when it was raised to $8.25 in 2010. 


If you get tips, the new law maintains provisions for employers to count gratuities to offset wages for workers, such as food servers, who regularly earn tips. Tipped employees may be paid 60% of the hourly minimum wage. These workers must still earn the minimum wage though after receiving tips so employers must make up the difference.


If you are under 18 and work fewer than 650 hours in a year, the minimum wage of $9.25 began January 1st. The youth minimum wage rate will rise to $13/hr by 2025. 


If you are having an issue getting paid the minimum wage, you can file a complaint with the IDOL at 312-793-2800. 

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