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FOID Cards Changing; Combining With CCL's

FOID cards are changing. The Firearm Owner Identification Card or FOID card program will be changing to make things simpler and cheaper for owners. The Illinois State Police and Firearms Services Bureau announced several changes including new cards that will be printed without expiration dates. ISP Trooper Josh Robinson says that cards will be non-expiring.



Robinson says that the FOID card will be combined with the CCL (Conceal Carry License)



When a FOID card is suspended and the cardholder has a CCL, the CCL will be suspended until the FOID card is reinstated.  Upon reinstatement, if eligible, the CCL will be reinstated. When a CCL is suspended but the person still has a FOID card, they will retain the issued combined card, but it will not show a valid CCL in the Law Enforcement Automated Data System (LEADS).


The card will auto-renew without paying a renewal fee and the licensee will be sent a new combined FOID card and CCL. ISP Director Brendan Kelly says that they are pleased that this will decrease duplicity within the system. 


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