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State Comptroller's Office Looks Back At 2021 Achievements

Illinois receiving its first credit upgrade in over 20 years. 


State Comptroller Susana Mendoza says this is a sign the state is well on the road to recovery. She also looked back at some of the accomplishments the Office of Comptroller achieved. 


Those accomplishments include a bill backlog down from a historic $16.7 billion high during the 2015-2017 budget impasse. Illinois’ backlog of unpaid bills is now less than $5 billion. The office accomplished this without the use of federal stimulus dollars. 


This all while the average wait for paying general bills is down to less than a month. 


Mendoza also flaunting the state’s ability to look out for tax payers, giving those struggling a break with the Earned Income Tax Credit and the state’s enforcement of prevailing wages. 


Comptroller Mendoza’s measure to end the practice of allowing legislators leaving their posts in the General Assembly to earn a full month’s pay for a single day of work passed in October with the No Exit Bonus/No Signing Bonus Reform Measure.


There are other accomplishments the Comptroller’s office achieved in 2021.


You can find more information at illinoiscomptroller.gov.

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