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What To Look For With COVID Before The Holiday's

With COVID on the rise, hospitalizations are on the rise as well. HSHS Medical Group is concerned about these increases especially with the holidays right around the corner. Chief Medical Officer Dr. Ryan Jennings says that the majority of patients that are being admitted for COVID are unvaccinated and those who are unvaccinated, typically stay longer than those who aren’t. 


Dr. Dexter Hazlewood, a staff physician with HSHS says that about 40% of the population still is not vaccinated. 



With the vaccine being available, Dr. Hazlewood says it is much more comfortable to be with family but to have social distancing when you are with people you don’t know. 



While much information is still unknown about Omicron, Dr. Hazlewood says omicron is more infectious than previous strains. 



Even if you don’t have symptoms, the IDPH recommends you get tested for COVID regularly if you work in a high-risk setting or have been exposed to someone with COVID, before you gather with family or friends. If you are positive, even if you aren’t showing symptoms you are encouraged to stay home. 


If you don’t have severe COVID or a weakened immune system, CDC guidance says you can leave quarantine and be around others 10 days since symptoms first appear and 24 hours with no fever without the use of fever-reducing medicine and other symptoms of COVID are improving. COVID recovery can take time, even when you are no longer contagious. HSHS encourages you to take it easy especially if you feel tired. 


For more information, visit HSHS Medical Group’s website. 

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