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Donations Made To Strasburg And Pana School District From Shelby Electric

Sacred Heart School in Pana and the Village of Strasburg both received checks today as part of a program from both CoBanks and Shelby Electric Cooperative. Strasburg and Sacred Heart School in Pana both received checks of $10,000. 


Shelby Electric Vice President of Media and Public Relations Kevin Bernson says that it’s about a commitment to the community.



Bernson said that the students were very excited at Sacred Heart.



The Village of Strasburg received a check for $10,000 on Wednesday morning and they are hoping to use that money to renovate their park to be more ADA compliant and to match a state grant for upgrades needed. 


Sacred Heart School, as part of Pana School District also received a donation of $10,000.  The money will go towards updates for both the school building and academic tools for the classroom.  School Board President Joni Beyers says that the school needed updated computers, network equipment, and security cameras so they can stay current with technology benefiting classrooms and students. 



Bernson says that this program is part of a program called Sharing Success that sees a rleationship between Shelby Electric and CoBank. It has been going on since 2012.  



Other programs that have received funding in the past include Shelbyville Fire Department, the Roxy Theater, Shelby County Veteran’s Fund and the Shelby County CEO’s program. 


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