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Taylorville Pilots Flying Down To Mayfield, Kentucky With Supplies

In light of the recent storms that have gone through Kentucky, a group of Taylorville pilots have gotten together and are planning a trip down to Kentucky to help with supplies and to alleviate some of the issues that they are seeing down there when it comes to helping the victims of the tornadoes.


Michael Coady, one of the pilots has spearheaded the operation and will be taking a flight down to Kentucky on Sunday. His flights are called Wing and a Prayer Flight Service.



Coady along with his partner Jaime Ruan are taking light non perishable items down to Mayfield, Kentucky.



If you are wanting to donate items, you can drop them off at the airport and the door will be open. 



Diapers, granola bars, coats, and blankets are some of the items that are needed for the residents.



The Taylorville Airport is located at 1501 S. Spresser in Taylorville.

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