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Lincoln Land Community College's online computer science associates degree is the No. 1 in the nation according to ZDNet. 


ZDNet ranks Lincoln Land as the best online computer science associate degree programs providing lecture-based instruction and practical experience while preparing industry professionals for the workforce. 


The website notes that LLCC's computer science associate degree hours include 61-63 hours in general education and program-related courses such as computer applications and concepts, computer programming and how it applies in the real world. 


Additionally, Intelligent.com ranks three of LLCC's online programs in the top 50 in the state and nation for 2022. Intelligent researched over 2,900 colleges and universities evaluating each instutition for the strength of its online resources, reputation and program strength. 


Intelligent ranked LLCC as No. 26 in the Best Commmunity Colleges in Illinois category. 


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