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Update On Veto Session From Rep. Avery Bourne

A busy week ahead for state legislators in Springfield for the fall veto session. 


Some topics rumored to come up include the parental notification of abortion, the healthcare right of conscious act, and a piece of legislation limiting the governor’s emergency order powers. 


Rep. Avery Bourne says that limiting emergency order power of the governor is about future governance. 

Rep. Bourne says that the healthcare right of conscious act is likely to come up as a means to give the governor’s mandates more teeth. She also says that the General Assembly could come up with separate legislation to do that without taking on a religious freedom bill. 

On the topic of the parental notification of abortion, Rep. Bourne says that this is a law that many on both sides of the isle support. 

Rep. Bourne says that redistricting maps are on the forefront of most legislators minds this week after a federal judge threw out some of the original maps declaring them unconstitutional.  

Reach out to Rep. Bourne when you visit her website repbourne.com.


Rep. Bourne appeared as a guest on the WTIM Morning Show.

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