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Weight Gain A Concern During Pandemic

People have been gaining weight during the pandemic.  A new study from the American Pyschology Association shows that 61% of American adults experienced undesired weight changes during the COVID-19 pandemic. The CDC has conducted their own studies and it shows that this hasn’t just affected adults. 432,302 American children aged 2-19 found significant increases in body mass index rates have occurred.  Younger school-aged children experienced the largest increases.


OSF Healthcare pediatrician Dr. James Mikeworth says that he is seeing the same things here in Illinois. Dr. Mikeworth says food insecurity is a big reason for weight gain, especially among children.



According to researchers, 22.4% of American kids are considered obese which is up from the prepandemic rate of 19.3%. Dr. Mikeworth is concerned especially as to what obesity can cause in children.



Dr. Mikeworth says that battling childhood obesity starts at home and children will mirror the habits of adults. One way that you can cut down on obesity is cutting out snacks after dinner or at least making the later snacks nutritious.



If you need help planning better meals for your children, talk to your child's pediatrician. He also encourages your child to exercise.



Visit the CDC website or talk to your physician more, if you do have concerns.

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