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A group of 80 school superintendents and school board members from around the state send an editorial opinion to the governor’s office in regards to masking and vaccination mandates. 


Representatives from Taylorville, Central A&M, Nokomis, Mt. Zion, Pana, Shelbyville, Windsor, Cowden-Herrick, Vandalia, Sullivan, Mulberry Grove, Effingham, Beecher City, Altamont and dozens of others want school decisions to be made by local school boards. 


The letter from the group of superintendents and school representatives asks what the point of electing school boards is if this power is taken out of the hands of them. 


The letter cites Gov. JB Pritzker’s more than 80 executive orders regarding COVID-19. 


It concludes with, “It’s not just about the pandemic. It’s about all of the decisions that have been taken out of local hands by those who are all too distant from the resulting fallout. Enough is enough.”


To see a full version of the editorial along with all schools that signed their names at the bottom, click here.

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