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The Illinois House of Representatives on Thursday voted to accept changes to an ethics bill that Governor JB Pritzker had requested, which will become law as soon as the Governor signs it. Thursday’s vote came a little more than a week after an earlier attempt fell short in the house at a late-night session held on Tuesday August 31st.  


Before the vote on Thursday, State Representative Kelly Burke said that the new bill has many needed reforms.



State Representative Avery Bourne said that the amendatory veto by the Governor has made a watered down bill even weaker.



Representative Bourne continued saying that the bill was so bad even Legislative Inspector General Carol Pope submitted her intent to resign by December 15th because the new bill would limit what she was allowed to do.



Senate Bill 539 originally cleared both chambers during the spring session 56-0 in the Senate and 113-5 in the House. The bill now goes to the Governor for signature.

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