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$8000 Available In Scholarships Through TCCU

Student registration has begun for Taylorville Community Credit Union's 8th Annual Scholarship Program has begun and will continue until Friday, October 8th. Senior students at Taylorville, Hillsboro, Litchfield, and Pana High Schools who plan to continue their education after high school graduation in May of 2022. TCCU President Will Perkins says that any senior who plans to continue their education whether it's a trade school, community college, or a 4 year university can register.  Two students from each of the four high schools will receive $1000 awards toward their education. 


Registration and parental permission forms are available at all four TCCU locations as well as TCCU's website at www.TCCU.org. All you need is your  name, a good quality photo and a completed parental permission slip. TCCU's scholarship program is different.  Award recipients are determined by votes cast by community residents.  Tri-county residents can cast votes for their preferred student's whenever they shop at participating retailers in Taylorville, Hillsboro, Litchfield, and Pana. 


For every $10 that you spend at participating businesses, shoppers can cast one vote for a student. So if you spend $100, you can cast 10 votes. Participating businesses will display a poster of registered student's photos. There is a limit of 100 votes ($1000) per any individual purchase.  There is no limit to how many businessess people can patronize or how many times they can go. 


For all high school seniors at Taylorville, Hillsboro, Litchfield, and Pana who look to continue their education should register for the program by Friday, October 8th. For more information regarding the TCCU Scholarship, or how to join the credit union, please call or stop in one of the local TCCU locations: Taylorville is 824-9658, Hillsboro is 532-5300, Litchfield 324-7496, and Pana is 562-2516.  You can also visit www.TCCU.org. 

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