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Graduates From First Golden Apple Accelerators Program Will Be Headed To Classrooms Soon

With school starting soon it means the participants of the first ever Golden Apple Accelerators program will be in classrooms teaching. This program was designed to help with the teacher shortage by helping those seeking a career change to have an accelerated path into the world of teaching. That is what happened for Ashley Tyler, who took part in the program and will now be teaching with Dennis Lab School in Decatur. 



Changing careers can be scary. Tyler had a degree in psychology. Luckily for her she fell right into a school role and just knew it was for her.



The pandemic did not make the career change process any easier. However learning to teach with that uncertainty became a point of confidence for Tyler and her fellow members of the Accelerator program.



Having your first year teaching in person in the year following the pandemic is not for the faint of heart. Tyler knows it’s going to take some adapting and changing to get through it.



Tyler was a part of Golden Apple’s inaugural Accelerators program.

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