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Local Representative Believes Mask Mandate For Schools Should Be A Local Decision

Governor JB Pritzker recently signed an executive order that says kids will have to wear masks to school. The Delta variant of the COVID virus is making its way through the state and causing the positivity rates and hospitalization rates to increase to the point where the Governor felt something needed to be done for the upcoming school year. Representative Avery Bourne was not a fan of this order because she believes this should’ve been handled on a more local level.



This is not a different stance for Representative Bourne. She’s always advocated for local decision making, especially with schools.



Representative Bourne also takes issue with the lack science behind this order.



Things are still changing all the time and due to the sheer speed of it, according to Representative Bourne, could leave the state under executive orders long after the increase in rates subsides. 



Students will be required to wear masks while at school regardless of vaccination status.

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