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Shelby Electric Rallying Against New Proposed Energy Bill

Shelby Electric Co-op relies on Prairie State Energy Campus to provide energy and under the Illinois legislative energy proposal, the plant, which is located in Marissa Illinois will be required to close by 2035 or sooner.  This could result in electric bills going up 20%-25%.  President and CEO Josh Shallenberger, says that the latest version of the energy bill has provisions for early closure.  The plant still has outstanding loans of $188 million dollars.



Shallenberger says that a lot of people don’t realize how volatile the market can be sometimes.



This is a two-part campaign: one for awareness and one for people to act.



Coal contributes up to 47% of the generational mix with natural gas at 34% and nuclear at 12%.  Over 90% comes from this energy. 



Visit www.voicesforcooperativepower.com/illinois for more information and how you can help.

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