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Candidate For 5th District Appellate Court Pays Attention To History

As elections draw closer, there will be many decisions to make on the ballot. One of those options will be for Appellate Court Judge in the 5th district. Judge Michael McHaney thinks back a lot to the Founding Fathers when it comes to his job. One thing he knows for certain is that the Founding Fathers would never be able to predict politics would end up where they are now.



Judge McHaney continued by saying he’s certain that the Founding Fathers would not have nice things to say about where things have gone since signing the constitution. 



All of this is the groundwork for what Judge McHaney believes. Though he can’t publicly say how he would rule, he knows that he can only control, to an extent, what happens his district. 



History is important to Judge McHaney and he wants to not only learn from it, but it drives him. He says the constitution needs to be held up. 



Judge McHaney appeared as a guest on the WTIM Morning Show.

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