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DOVE In Shelbyville Wants To Help In Any Way Possible

Unfortunately, domestic violence is something that is constantly occurring. In Shelby County DOVE is around to do their part to help stop and provide support to victims. Suzie Kinzel, Coordinator of DOVE in Shelby County, says they have been there for 21 years and they work closely with other counties such as Macon County.



Kinzel says at DOVE when they go to help those victims of domestic violence, they try to provide help that other wouldn’t think about.



There was a recent influx of funding to DOVE that has been a huge help to them.



According to Kinzel, DOVE’s roots start in the Christian faith and the goal was just to help as many people as they could. 



Kinzel appeared as a guest on the WTIM Morning Show live from our studios in Downtown Shelbyville.

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