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The Taylorville Park Board met on Monday evening to discuss business, review reports, and go over correspondence. The board talked at great length about a proposed skateboard park. Some residents that lived by Janes Park came and spoke at the board meeting raising some valid concerns over the park. Kathy Drea spoke about it saying that she was worried about noise, security, and possibly other issues.



The board informed Ms. Drea that they had no plans to put the skateboard park in Janes Park. The general consensus was downtown, possibly by the old library. There is still a long way to go in a skateboard park as the park board, along with the Skateboard Park Committee continue to work together along with the city of Taylorville to find a safe place to skate. 


Recreational Director Bailey Hancock says that this pool season has been a great success.



Hancock says the pool will be shutting down on August 14th right before school goes back to session but does have something special planned on August 15th.



Hancock says that she is excited for a new event called “Paws in the Pool.”



For more on this event and to register, contact the Taylorville Park Office. 

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