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Christian County Sheriff Bruce Kettelkamp praised Undersheriff Howard Buffett after Buffett received a life-saving award for his conduct after Buffett saved a young woman’s life on a humanitarian mission to the US/Mexican border. Buffett encountered a 27 year old woman who was found unresponsive due to the extreme heat due to the desert location. 


The woman had traveled over 2,000 miles from her home in Chiapas Mexico with her younger brother. She collapsed ten miles north of the border along the foothills of the Tinas Atlas Mountains after suffering from heat stroke and dehydration. 


The woman was unconscious and in distress.  Life-saving measures were administered and she was airlifted by the Border Patrol Search and Trauma and Rescue Team. Sheriff Kettelkamp thanked Buffett saying, “Good public safety never takes a rest, and I am proud of all the men and women of the Christian County Sheriff’s Office who, like Mr. Buffett, no matter the place or the time, are ready to be there to help others.”

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