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As summer heat continues into August, pools are a favorite destination for everyone. With pools and water though, safety is paramount, as things can change in a hurry. Taking the proper steps to keep pools secured and restrict access can make all the difference in preventing injuries and keep drownings from happening.


According to the American Red Cross, 69% of young children who are found drowned or submerged in swimming pools were not expected to be in or around the pool.  There are generally around 379 fatal child drownings that occurred per year between 2015 and 2017. Children younger than 5 accounted for 75% of those drownings with 56% of those happening when adults weren’t around. Of the reported fatal drowning incidents, 71% occurred in residential locations, such as a child’s home, a family or friend’s house, or a neighbor’s residence. 


There are many safety tips for keeping children safe in and around water. Official State Fire Marshall JC Fultz says it all starts with keeping your pool locked up as best you can.



Other great safety tips include ensuring pools or spas have drain covers, teach your children to stay away from pool drains, pipes, and other openings, and empty or flip over inflatable pools when you are finished with them for the day. Find out more information at www.poolsafety.gov. 

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