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Us Representative Rodney Davis Added To January 6th Commission

US Representative Rodney Davis announced that he has been added to a commission to investigate what happened on January 6th. Representative Davis says that while the commission may be slightly partisan with more Democrats than Republicans, he wants those who were involved with the riots to know they broke the law.



Representative Davis continued by stressing that not only should people who broke into the capital be held accountable but in riots that took place in Portland, Chicago, and many other places during the protests that occurred over the summer.



Representative Davis says it’s all about accountability for both the people breaking into the Capitol and to the people who allowed it to happen.


At the end of the day, Representative Davis believes that this goes much deeper than January 6th. Representative Davis also says that he was hoping the commission wouldn’t be made up of Legislators.



Representative Davis appeared as a guest on the WTIM Morning Show.

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