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The Beauty Of Taking Pigs To Fairs

For pig farmers going to fairs are a part of life and something that you do every summer. Many people swing by the County Fairs to see all of the beautiful animals that are there and to ooh and ahh over the different kinds. For Emma Pistorious, it’s just another day. Pistorious spends her day making sure her pigs are taken care of and for her, it’s their personalities and attitudes that she loves the most. At the fair, Pistorious has to get them ready to go and get them in their new homes.



There are different things that the Judges are looking for with pigs whether it’s a boy or a girl.



Pistorious thanked her family for all their support and the hard work that goes into taking care of the pigs, even when it comes to maybe chasing a stray pig.



Pistorious says they go to all kinds of fairs every week.



Emma Pistorious appeared as a guest on the WTIM Morning Show live from the Christian County Fair.

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