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HSHS is encouraging people to use common sense around lawn mowers and to practice safety around and lawncare equipment. There are many different types of injuries that can be sustained while mowing the lawn.  Some injuries can be cuts, burns, missile injuries, fractures, and amputations. 


Some cuts can harbor unsafe bacteria and cause infections Burns can come from the engine, gas tank or even exhaust. Loose objects under the mower can be kicked out or thrown from the spinning blade. Fractures and amputations can come from rotating blades.


If you suffer a lawn mower injury it’s important to get care right away. Even something small can turn bad. There are plenty of safety and prevention tips for you when it comes to staying safe around lawn equipment. Read your owner manual prior to use, keep your mower in good working condition with sharp blades, and pick up potential flying objects such as stones, toys, and debris. Do not drink alcohol while using your lawn mower. Do not remove safety devices or guards, never insert hands or feet into the mower, never lift a mower by the bottom as the blades can cut even if the mower isn’t on. 


For more great tips visit www.assh.org/handcare/safety/lawn-mower. 

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