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Christian County Farm Bureau Sponsoring Grain Bin Rescue Class

When a person calls 9-1-1 due to someone being trapped in a grain bin, time is a precious commodity. Christian County Farm Bureau was concerned as there is no one in Christian County who knew the proper procedure for how to handle it, so the last time there was an entrapment, a team from Decatur had to be called. The Farm Bureau is looking to change that. Mellisa McMillan, manager of the Christian County Farm Bureau says that they will be teaching a class to the firefighters and first responders in Christian County. They are important for anyone involved in the industry.



McMillan says that every second is important and this training will do nothing but help first responders in the County. 



McMillan says the firefighters are really excited about taking the 40-hour class. 



The Christian County Farm Bureau is sponsoring the class for all 24 firefighters attending.

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