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Christian County Master Gardeners Will Answer Questions At The Taylorville Farmers Market

Due to lack of participation the Christian County Master Gardeners have shut down their help desk, but that doesn’t mean you can’t receive help with your gardening questions. Gwen Podeschi with the Master Gardeners says that two Tuesdays a month they will be at the Taylorville farmers market answering any questions people may have. She says they were out there last week and will be there again on July 24th.



Podeschi encourages anyone to bring their samples and questions about things going on in their garden. It can be a picture, but they can help more with actual samples.



They see a lot of different things when being brought samples. One example Podeschi gave from last weekend is being brought a harmless fungi that looks bad known at ‘Dog Vomit’. 



Podeschi appeared as a guest on the WTIM Morning Show.

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