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Illinois Cracking Down On Those Driving Without Insurance

Illinois continues to crack down on those who are driving without insurance.  Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White is reminding drivers that there will be electronic verification programs that verify if a person has insurance. Insurance companies are working in conjunction with the Secretary of State’s office to confirm electronically that motorists have automobile insurance. 


Secretary of State Spokesperson Henry Haupt Under the new verification system, vehicle owners’ automobile insurance will be verified twice a year at random intervals to ensure that owners are complying with mandatory liability insurance laws.



The electronic verification of the system will have serious repercussions if you don’t have insurance with a $100 reinstatement fee and suspension.



Vehicle owners who receive a letter for verification, shouldn’t visit a driver services facility, but should instead contact their insurance company to provide the necessary proof of insurance needed to cancel the suspension.  For more information visit www.ilivs.com. 

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