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There's A New Employee At Taylorville Memorial Hospital

There is a new face at Taylorville Memorial Hospital. After working in the healthcare field in Decatur for 20 years, Darin Buttz recently became the Community Health Director at TMH. This is a brand new role at the hospital and Buttz explains, essentially, it’s about using the community to help improve the hospital, therefore improving the community. 



According to Buttz they’ve identified three major areas to work on within the community. 



In order to improve upon those three areas, Buttz believes it has to start within the walls of TMH, that way in can permeate out into the community.



Meetings are underway with the Buttz and the rest of the brass at TMH to figure out how to get the wheels in motion.



Buttz appeared as a guest on the WTIM Morning Show.

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